Many budget travelers may opt to fly with a low fare Air Asia flight when they are traveling across Southeast Asian countries, especially around Thailand. It’s not that there are no other airlines that offer affordable ticket prices; it’s just that Air Asia often comes at the top of the list when it comes to low-cost carriers.

Air Asia is a safe, legitimate, and cost-effective method to travel around Southeast Asia. If you never travel with budget airlines, Air Asia to be exact, you may assume they are not worth a dime. They are worth it, and the following discussions will tell you why.

Reasons Why Flying with Air Asia Is Worth the Money

Are you planning to travel around Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries on a tight budget? Below are some of the convincing advantages of flying with Air Asia you may want to consider.

  1. Cost-effective Air Travel

It is needless to say that one of the obvious perks of flying with a low-cost airline, such as Air Asia, is an affordable flight ticket. As the competition among airline companies are getting tougher in recent years, so it is understandable that many of those companies are attempting to reevaluate their ticket prices.

Even some of the low-cost airlines lowering their airfares in order to provide their customers more affordable air travel deals, including Air Asia. Take, for example, you do realize that it’s the ideal time to travel overseas and you decide to go to Thailand.

If you consider yourself a backpack traveler with a tight budget, flying around the best tourist destinations in Thailand with conventional airlines can be draining your wallet. For this reason, looking for a Thai renowned airline that provides low domestic airfares would be your best chance. Also, booking a low fare Air Asia domestic flight might be an obvious choice.

You might be able to save up to 70% or maybe more on flight tickets with these low fare airlines, especially if you book an Air Asia flight a few weeks earlier. In addition, Air Asia allows passengers who tend to travel on a limited budget to get to their destination relatively quicker.

Furthermore, a budget airline company like Air Asia plays a major role in promoting business in the destination and origin countries. It also gives an opportunity to those who have never flown with an airplane because of the high cost of conventional airlines.

  1. Compelling Promotions

The majority of low fare airlines offer special deals every now and then to attract customers to fly with them and use the services they have to offer. Air Asia also often has promotions, especially during peak-season months.

Low fare tickets include in the special deals offered by the airline. If you look for an Air Asia flight on the internet, you will find plenty of portals, particularly online travel websites, which offer coupons for air travel, which may help you able to save more travel budget on your flight.

In addition, Air Asia partners with some banking and financial companies to provide interesting benefits, including travel discounts to the customers who use credit or debit cards issued by the respective financial institutions.

That is yet another benefit of flying with a low fare Air Asia flight that is not only a benefit for the passengers, but also for the airline itself. If you would like to travel with this airline, check their social media accounts to know the special deals they offer.

Air Asia has always been optimizing the use of social media to advertise their fantastic offers even since day one. They clearly recognize the effectiveness of social media which is making it easier for the prospective passengers to find the promotions.

  1. New Aircrafts

When it comes to today’s air travel, there is one thing that is certain: the airline business is constantly making improvements. Every once in a while, all kinds of airlines including the low fare ones add new aircraft to their fleet to cover and extend new destinations.

When low-cost airlines add new aircraft, they will usually decrease their airfares to entice people to fly with their new fleet. In general, Air Asia uses a relatively modern fleet, namely Airbus A320 and A321neos. This clearly shows that Air Asia has high standards when it comes to its aircraft.

The cabins are modernly designed and the seats are fairly comfortable although it may feel a bit cramped up for those who are above six feet. Also, if you want spacious legroom, you can book an exclusive seat row in advance. Yet again, it’s not a major issue as it’s a low fare airline. Besides, you will find a similar thing when you book an economy flight with conventional airlines.

  1. Safety

Safety has always been a priority when it comes to air transportation. In the majority of cases, low-cost airlines often have shorter flights compared to conventional ones. Including Air Asia, this airline mostly covers domestic flights with shorter trips and only has several international flights.

Some might assume that low-cost carriers take shortcuts to keep their ticket prices low, but that is not the actual case. Flying with a low fare Air Asia flight is no less safe than taking a flight with other airlines, including the most expensive ones once they are permitted to fly.

Due to the nature of low-cost airlines’ destinations, some professionals believe that these airlines may be a little safer than full-service airlines. So, if you wonder if it’s safe to fly with Air Asia, to put it simply, yes, Air Asia is relatively safe.

  1. Convenience Check-In Procedure

Check-in for a flight often takes a considerable amount of time. However, it would be a whole different story if you fly with Air Asia. You don’t need to wait in line any longer. All you need to do is visiting the check-in online portal of Air Asia.

Once you logged into the check-in portal, choose your flight departure and enter your ticket number. Then, pick your preferred seat and enter the payment details. You will receive a barcode through your phone number or email. You can either print it or scan it at Kiosks if you are boarding from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, or India.

Aside from the advantages, Air Asia still has several drawbacks that you can put into consideration whenever you want to travel with this airline. Just like any other budget airline, you will have to pay for almost anything when you fly with the low fare Air Asia flight. This includes when you have to enjoy some hot meals or even adding an additional allowance for your luggage. However, you don’t need to fret as the in-flight meals are comparatively cheap and the baggage fees are still reasonable as long as you understand its baggage policy.