Home water coolers are ideal for people who are quite conscious of their health and also really cool. You can find a number of types of these coolers in the market today and basically they are used in every household to provide clean and purified water to its users. Buy online if you want to avail of this kind of option and also you will not regret it.

purification systems

One of the most essential factors of having a successful water cooler is to have a system that purifies the water. The health conscious people prefer the use of chlorine Free water because they believe that exposure to chlorine is one of the major reasons of developing cancer.

Chlorine is a deadly poison and it cannot be nature’s answer to eliminating diseases and pains. The body of a person can becomeonomy contaminated by this chemical and as it is a deadly poison it cannot be excreted by the body. So one has to drink chlorine free water in order to prevent introduction of diseases and also to maintain proper health.

This is also known as Polio and it is an infection of the kidney that has become resistant to the treatment of the past years. renders people almost paralysed and it affects the spleen in particular the part swollen to drain of fluid. The victim often feels dizzy and has a jaundice. So people who are exposed to this disease must drink chlorine free water because it helps to get rid of this infection.

Generally a person would prefer to drink minute quantities of water during the day and that is enough for it to make one functional. But too much water drinking can harm the health because it can make the body bloated. And once bloated it is quite difficult to rid the body of this fluid and hence become healthy. So it is better to drink only the amount of water required for the day. But it is also necessary to take precaution so that we do not alway drink water that is not recommended by the doctors.

To Avoid Hygiene Issues

hopeless cases of cholera and dysentery have been reported in the past and now it is much easier to avoid such diseases by insuring the houses where we stay to keep ourselves hydrated. Every house has a specific system that is installed to direct the water supply to the different fixtures within the house. But each system is not specific to a fixtures within the house.

Basically there are three types of systems that would ensure the proper supply of water to the different fixtures within the house. These are called the bottled water system, the mains connected system and the PVC system. The final type is the system that is installed at the main supply pipe point, usually at the back of the house.

The main supply of your house comes from the main supply pipe line. This pipe line is normally protected from rains and not allowed to run over private property.

The out pipes carry water supplied by the main supply. They are normally lined up on the side of the pipe spreading apart from the main supply.

The two outermost pipes join the main supply and are known as Differential pipes. They pass through the Differential pipes and are partially flexible so that the Differential pipe segment can be easily changed without requiring freezing or expensive de-seeding.


The different types of fittings form the bulk of the plumbing system. They are workplace, counter top, under counter and food.

workplace fittings include the drainpipe, showerhead and hosepipe. The drainpipe should be fitted with a separate backbone to ensure that the pipe segments bend in the right way together.

Counter top fittings include the cafetier, coffee pot and the soft drink dispenser. The cafetier should be set at approximately eye level for easy access. The tray connecter is used to remove the waste from the coffee pot and allows the temperature to be set directly by the machine.

Under counter connectives are used to connect the other piping systems. They allow water to be dispensed directly from the cooking device without going through the distribution pipes.

What is in Your Water?

Your water comes from various sources and it does not necessarily have to be clean. According to the latest figures, the amount of contaminants in our drinking water is 10 times more than what is considered safe for us to consume.

Distilled water has recently been defined as the purest drinking water obtainable. It is used to heat and cool the body. However, recent research shows that there is still a lot of potential for Tap water to cause harm to its consumers.

The primary reason that Tap water is becoming such a hot topic is that we are discovering more and more ways that it is contaminated. We are finding pesticides in Tap water.

So many people have chosen to go one way or the other and have installed one or more drinking water systems.